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Podcast 13 (Special #2) - Shmoocon Review Day 1 by Mooner and Gene

  • Mooner and Gene talk about impressions of Day 1 of Shmoocon


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Anonymous said...

P89? Don't be knockin' my P89!!! Hehe, I owned a P90 (.45 ACP big brother of the 89) when I first started on the force, and changed to a Springfield 1911-A1 (customized) as soon as I could take the agency-required extra training to carry a single-action on duty. Ruger makes a great rock solid semi-auto handgun of little refinement or precision. As a former LEO, I can attest that most of your comments about police and guns are true for many agencies. Luckily, the place I worked was the exception. Robust firearms policy, all of the instructors, armorers, and range officers were cops first (many SWAT as well), and most of them were IPSC (IPSEC? I forget) or other competition shooters.
Looking forward to seeing the presentations from Shmoocon online. Any idea where they will be hosted?