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Get CPE credits for listening to us!

According to another security podcaster, The Security Catalyst, it has been verified that not only the hosts of this podcast, but anyone listening to the podcast is entitled to earn CPE credits toward the continuing education requirement by the ISC2 for all CISSPs.

So be sure to keep track of all the security podcasts you listen to and start collecting credits!

- Gene Naftulyev , CISSP


Podcast 5 - Gene, Erik, Ben


Google thinks we are a hacking site!?!

Dear subscribers (all 2 of you) -

Apparently running a website such as this one where there are more links to audio than text content and the names of the links are Vista Hacked or Destroy Your Data The Easy Way has put us into the hacking site category as far as Google is concerned. Now that doesn't really matter until you want to set up a Google AdWords account; at which point Google lets you deposit money into the account but does not actually let you advertise your site, since its web crawler algorithm has determined that your site is banned from advertising.


So we will be creating an entry page strictly for Google which will simply have a short description of the site and let visitors click on either a Subscribe or an Enter button.

This will be on a different site name and should not affect either this page feed or the page itself. But just in case you end up on that hackingless part of our site, feel free to click the Enter button or simply type into the address bar.